We work directly with each and every client when determining what coverage levels fit their needs. No question is irrelevant when it comes to protecting your assets and loved ones, and we get a feeling of great satisfaction every time a client leaves our office more informed and confident than before.

Protect Your Credit

Most major insurance companies use a scoring system based heavily on data provided from credit agencies.

Tips for Improving Your Credit Score:

Pay All Bills On Time - Delinquent payments and collections can have a major negative impact on a score.

Keep Balances Low On Unsecured Revolving Debt Like Credit Cards - Maintaining a balance of as little as 40% of your issued credit may negatively impact your score.

Only Apply For or Cancel Credit Cards When Necessary - Canceling a credit card will lessen your available credit and may affect your score. Having excessive hit on your credit may also negatively affect your score.

Know Your Plan

There are many common misconceptions about what would normally be covered under homeowner’s plans.

Backup of Sewers and Drains - This coverage is normally not automatic. It must be added as an endorsement to your policy. We especially recommend this coverage if you have a finished basement.

Flood Insurance - Flood is excluded on almost all basic homeowner policies. Most people may purchase a separate flood insurance policy to cover against this exposure.

Specialty Property - There are coverage limits built-in to most homeowner policies for certain valuable items. Scheduling jewelry, firearms, and some other items can ensure that your possessions are adequately covered while providing much broader coverage for those items in most cases.

Earthquake - Not automatically included on a homeowner policy, this coverage must be added by endorsement.

Garage Kept Auto - The classic car in your garage is likely not covered under your homeowner’s policy. A separate policy must be in place to cover a car in the event of damage.

Have you renovated recently? Coverage limits may need to be adjusted when value-adding improvements or renovations are made your home.

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